900 Photoshop Actions for Effects, Text, Buttons and Textures.

Here are:

Act 72, ActionKit 5, Animated Flag, Barf, Burning Alive, Button Central V2.0, Chroma Toaster, Concrete Decay, Create CD Image, Custom Color, Dom TIAC, dotted-image, Fake Flatten, Filez Text, FireWirl, Glass FX, Gold Nugget, Goldie_AXC, herosactions1, Herosactions2, Hey Joe Video Action, Icon Holder, Interface Look, Iron Cola, Jade FX, Jaguar Design - Obsidian, Jaguar Design - Rust, Jellz KewlPack, KewlPack Action Sets, LavaText, LIA Actions, Liquid Fire, MapMaker, marc_BlueGel, marc_Organic, Outline, Photo doom, Pill Button, POP dotizer, Ray Clouds, Royce, Ruby_Red, Sphere Text, Steely Text, Swart Kat, Terminal, texturizer, The Rock, Tymoes Carbonize, WoW, And Many More.......
You can get them all by downloading at Here.